Props Road Fools Box Set

Props Road Fools Box Set

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Starting with a carefree road trip in 1998, Props Road Fools tapped into something special when it merged cutting edge riding and legendary personalities together for the first time in a documentary-style BMX film.

With each new release, the series has continued to inspire both new and old generations of riders alike, as people were shown what was possible on a bike and the antics of pro BMX’ers confined to the road. Now 15 years later (and after countless requests), we’ve assembled the entire Road Fools series for the first time ever into this Special 3-Disc Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Box Set.


Road Fools 1-16 (SD)

Road Fools 17 & 18 (HD)

Road Fools Rock-n-Roll Tours 1 & 2 (SD)

Best Of Road Fools videos 1-4 (SD)

Stunning 1080p motion menus featuring hundreds of high res photos

Interactive 1080p day select maps

Over 35 hours of high quality H.264-encoded content

Dolby Digital Professional audio

15 years of BMX history & progression