New Rider – Joey

SibotBMX new rider Joey rode off on his new Mirra Fivestar!


New Rider – Tyler Walsh

Tyler Walsh is the newest SibotBMX rider on his Hoffman EL.  He collected it from sibotbmx for his birthday!


New Rider – Master Sandiford!

New SibotBMX rider Master Sandiford on his new Sunday complete – he knows he has picked the right one!


New Rider – Jack Foyster

Jack Foyster is SibotBMX’s latest New Rider on his brand new Subrosa Street!


New Rider – Ollie

Ollie is one of the latest New Riders at SibotBMX – he rode off on his new Verde Eon grinning from ear to ear!!!


New Rider – Louie

Louie is the proud new owner of one of the extremely limited edition of five Sunday GB bikes, only available from SibotBMX!


New Rider – Nathan Crittall

Nathan Crittall is our newest New Rider showing off his new pride ‘n’ joy – a brand spanking new Mirra Icon Option Ruby Red!


New Rider

A New Rider rode off over the horizon on Saturday on his new 2010 Mirra Fivestar – he hung around just long enough for us to fit a lime green Shadow half link chain and then disappeared without telling us his name!!


New Rider – James Evans

James Evans on his new Stereo Wire BMX from SIBOTBMX: