Us here at SIBOTBMX are proud to say that one of are top boy’s is the lastest recruit to the UK FIT team, its been in question with us and 4down for awhile but only now has it been made official and he’s on the long road upwards. See you on the other side!

Us here at SIBOTBMX have watched little JT grow up in bmx and what a treat its been i remember when he first come down to the skatepark with his dad on a beat up old 18″ just learning to bunny hop and now look at him!, JT realy shows it dont matter how small you are you can still shread a bmx like anyone else.

Malick and filmer Sam White got togther for a day and went to explore some street spots round the local area, It wasn’t long before Malick got warmed up and started fireing out bangers left right and centre. For somone who has just been hooked up on 4down flow through SIBOTBMX Malicks not holding back on showing the people what he can do! …ENJOY.